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Katiana Rojas
via Google

Excel Martial Arts Langley is a very welcoming environment. As soon as you walk in you instantly feel like part of the family. Ms. Ens is extremely helpful, encouraging, professional, and all around amazing. if you want a place to get a good work out, learn martial arts, create friendships, and have fun excel martial arts will have you covered. Every time Ms. Ens has helped me i feel like i am really being payed attention to.

Quandra Doak
via Google

The staff are so friendly, helpful and supportive to everyone! The classes are fast paced and fun so the kids don’t get bored. Such a great experience for my little guy!

Sheri Logan
via Google

Excel Martial Arts exceeds all expectations! My little one is currently a yellow belt and loves all his instructors. Such a great environment and everyone is super friendly. It is not only a studio but a loving and caring community as well!

Ashley King
via Google

We have been at EMA langley since they opened their doors in 2017. They have helped grow and nurture my son in so many ways I don’t know where to begin. They have helped teach him respect, kindness, boundaries, empathy, friendship, and perseverance just to name a few. The instructors have become part of our village by helping us instill amazing values in our children along with giving them a safe space to learn a sport they love. My son has gone from a white belt to green in his four years and every step of the way he has been fully supported by the instructors. They have excellent communication with monthly emails on what’s happening in the gym to phone calls at home if needed to share info. If you’re looking for a place to learn martial arts and feel like family this is the place to do it.

anita s
via Google

I am so thankful we found Excel! Ms. Ens and team have been amazing. I would highly recommend them. My kids started in the little hero’s program and I enjoy the Fit class. It should also be mentioned that their dedication to the kids and continuing their learning through online classes was exceptional.

Julian Rey
via Google

EMA Langley is exceptional among martial arts schools because of how they intentionally foster community and compassion without sacrificing the competence of students. If you want a place where you'll be pushed to your limits, and also be connected to a community and be valued, then this is the place to go.

EMA Langley puts first the development of people's character—diligence, respect, endurance, empathy. The martial skills are important, but not valued apart from character. This is so crucial; students here who stick with it will not only be competent at self defense, but mature enough to use it wisely.

Trinity Barnard
via Google

My daughter currently trains in the adult/teen class and loves it! The gym is her happy place, she feels welcome, included and safe. There is no better place to build up a young woman’s confidence and challenge them physically and mentally. I’m so happy we chose this martial arts journey.

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